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Issa Watch Party…How to Get Ready!


The third season of the acclaimed HBO show Insecure is about to premiere its third season on August 12th and we can’t wait.

But while we anxiously wait for the premiere, one dilemma keeps surfacing…which watch party to go to? Or maybe you are throwing your own party. Either way, you need to be prepared. So, to make sure you’re ready, we’ve compiled some ways for how you can prepare for an Insecure watch party.

First, this shouldn’t even be on the list, since we know no one here has been sleeping on Insecure and missed every season up till now. But for those who may have, it’s time you snatch up some popcorn and catch up on those episodes like your life depended on it.

Once you’re all caught up on the show, it’s time to prep your snacks. If you are going to a B.Y.O.F (bring your own food) party, be a real one and bring enough for your girls. And if you are throwing your own party it’s time to get cooking. But keep it simple, you don’t want no mess, so finger foods for the win.

Now that we’ve covered getting knowledge and getting fed, only one thing remains… Be 👏🏿on 👏🏿time 👏🏿! I repeat, on 👏🏿time 👏🏿sis. Nobody is going to take the time to generously catch the late arrival up, so arrive 30 minutes early so you can get that prime spot in the front of the TV because we are all out here living for Insecure!

Tell us how you are getting ready for season 3 and share your tips with us in the comments below. Happy Watch Party!