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Speak UP!

Black women have always shown up and shown out politically, and while in the past, we’ve politely asked to be seen and heard, we’re no longer asking, but demanding representation. Here we feature the accomplishments of Black women, and show just how active we are in building power. So take this as your inspiration, and go out there, organize, mobilize and Speak UP!


ESSENCE | Her Dream Deferred: Black Women Convene In D.C. To Explore Our Status In America | Donna Owens
DC conference highlights the history of Black women in America and explores the issues that still impact Black women today.

Teen Vogue | The History Lesson About Black Women That You Never Got | Jenn M. Jackson
We know Black women stay making herstory…although we aren’t always recognized for our contributions. So, here’s to all the Black women who have been loud, brash and unaccepting of anything less than their due. We love them, see them and know because of them, we can!

Sacramento Observer | The State of Black Women in California… Unapologetically Focused On Us | Kellie Todd Griffin, Sistallect, Inc.
Kellie Todd Griffin of Sistallect calls out how Black women’s leadership on social and political issues has led the way while the solutions have left us behind. And, it’s time to say, no more.