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Self Care

It’s The Most Radical Time of the Year


The holidays are a time of gifts and parties and commitments to everyone else but ourselves. It’s crazy! And I used to be the type of person that plugged into the crazy until I ran myself into the ground. I thought this was okay because, after all, there were gifts to buy and parties to go to and aunts and cousins and old friends to see – ALL RIGHT NOW.

Well, after having two stress-related health scares a few years ago I no longer drink the eggnog. I was used to getting high off of the rush of being busy and feeling needed. And at the busiest and arguably most stressful time of the year, the person I would abandon was me. Now, instead of following the crowd and getting lost, I happily and healthfully resist. By becoming a radically self-loving woman particularly during the holiday season, I feel more energized, confident and empowered.

Here are some radical thoughts for holiday self-care:

  1. Start on your New Year’s Resolutions NOW. For me this means more vegetables + more water + more movement.
  2. Start putting away money towards an exciting new goal in December.
  3. SLEEP. Get in your bed and lay there. No excuses. Give yourself the gift of a full recharge.
  4. Shut down your calendar. I tell people I will catch them in January. No exceptions. It’s the only way to truly make stress-free space to connect with yourself and others.
  5. Treat yourself. Now is a great time for self-massage, aromatherapy, cooking a delicious meal, or anything else you were hoping someone else would do for you. You do you!
  6. Show up for yourself by getting your needs met. No blowing off doctor’s appointments or meetings with the therapist. Gotta keep your head right.
  7. Buy less. Make your gift list and check it twice. Are there ways to truly give rather than just buy?

We know that totally unplugging during the holiday season is not likely. But you can have a new kind of holiday and relationship with yourself all at the same time – starting now.