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Twerk for Yourself and Nobody Else


It’s only January and Cardi B’s already dropped numerous fiercely unapologetic, political AF gems this year. Lookin’ at you @TomiLahren – we know you’re shook, but yes, Black women in hip-hop are intelligent and politically aware.

In case you’re on a social media hiatus, the City Girls recently dropped their new music video,Twerk,” featuring Twerking Queen Cardi B herself—Oh, and a large group of bada** women from around the world!  

A quick backstory: On November 9, 2018 the City Girls set out to social media to challenge the world. They were on a quest to discover the World’s Best Twerker, promising to give her $25,000…because they can.

The newly released music video features all of these master-twerkers—dancing through the streets, the beach and on a YACHT. Talk about getting all the girls together!

There are no men in the video—these girls are twerking for THEMSELVES. An act that is usually sexualized is, for once, depicted through a different lens—we are admiring these women for their freedom, talent and athleticism, not what a man desires to do with their bodies.

You cannot miss this—do yourself a favor and take 3 minutes and 51 seconds out of your day to give it a watch.

Shout-out to Cardi B, the City girls, and their band of twerkers for reminding us to love ourselves, our bodies, and not to be afraid to show the world – if that’s what we choose.