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Soulbird: India.Arie Graces Us With The Video For ‘Steady Love,’ And It’s Everything You Want It To Be


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By: Soulbird_mainadmin | May 23, 2019






India.Arie is a light that shines so brightly that anything she releases uplifts your spirit immediately.  Today, she released the video to her single “Steady Love,” and it is beautiful.  From the feelings that she drums up inside of you, to the images of gorgeous black “steady” love, they all work together seamlessly.  Even her decision to cast rapper David Banner as the lead opposite to her exquisite aura is perfect!

The video premiered on Okayplayer, where Arie gave insight into how the video came together.

“For this video, I wanted to depict black love, grown-up love, commitment. A beautiful man and woman doing life together and loving each other through the inevitable ups and downs of life. I want this video it to be part of a cultural conversation about creating healthy images of love and relationships in the Black Community and in the world as a whole. Images that can strengthen people.”

She went on to say, “David Banner, always has been radiant to me. I’d literally be in a room of celebrities and he would be one of a handful of people who Glowed. So, I asked him to be in my video, and the WAY he said yes speak volumes to that light. He had been telling me ‘I’m here if you ever need me’ and when I did need him, he showed up.”

On having Banner on the set, Arie described him as “REGAL,” saying, “he brought professionalism, and integrity, and a REGAL bearing to the set. I went in nervous that we’d be so close together all day… But David set the tone… He was a true joy to work with, way more than I ever could have imagined. And when he bent down and tied my shoe, I KNEW, he was my hero… Filming this video was just a TRULY inspiring day.”

Watch all of this beauty, goodness and long-standing devotion come together in India.Arie’s “Steady Love” video, below.