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RoyalTea: Hot Tips to Sip for Sexual Empowerment



That’s the sound of RoyalTea calling Black women to pour a cup of hot tips, to sip, for sexual empowerment.

RoyalTea is a guide that’s brewed with the latest tea, to turn up the heat on our sexual protection and pleasure.

Why is this tea?

Black women currently have the highest new cases of HIV and many other STIs. This is because our community has been underserved with the available information to combat infection…until now.

Why is this RoyalTea?

Black women have a power so rich, it’s royal.

We’re all the mothers, sisters and daughters of community queens like Harriet, Shirley, Maxine, and Michelle.  To maintain our legacy, we must listen to the whistle that’s being blown on the kettle to preserve our wellness.

It’s RoyalTea time.

Queens, please sign up, sip up, and share RoyalTea with the other royal sisters in your village.

Click here to pour your first cup!