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In 2023 We’re Bringin’ Good Vibes Only


We’re moving into this new year with all the fierce energy of our ancestors behind us and the good vibes of our sister circles around us. We’re speaking our needs into existence and leaving the nonsense behind. So here we go. Repeat after me:

In 2023 we’re leaving behind:

…the voices and people that make us doubt ourselves.

…the always putting others’ needs above our own.

…the friendships that drew in negativity and pushed away positivity.

…the situationships that were always on someone else’s terms rather than your own

…the relationships that dragged us down and made us made us cry rather than smile.

…the sex that wasn’t as deliciously satisfying as it could have been.

…the fear of discussing and knowing the status of our sexual health.

…and the love that didn’t and could never fulfill us.

In its place we’re carrying forward:

…the determination to make ourselves a priority.

…the courage to speak our truth and own our power in all circumstances.

…the friendships that make us see ourselves more clearly.

…self-love in a world that tries to break us down.

…the strength to pursue relationships that lift us up.

…the partners that prioritize our needs for healthy communication, love and sex.

…the clarity to know what we need and to ask for it in our personal relationships.

…the sex that builds us up rather than breaks us down.

…and the love that tells us we are good enough just as we are.

This year we’re taking up ALL the space we need to be truly great and will stay unbothered by those who think we need to ask permission to do so. Here’s to a new Upspoken year of you being you!