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Binge-worthy Sex Positive TV – Part 1


Here are three shows that are serving Black women laughter, drama, tears and the sex-positive inspo we need.

Living Single
If you know you know. This show started it all, and as we know it will always be the better, Blacker version of Friends. Living Single introduced us to unapologetic Black women characters who were smart, driven, and Upspoken about the lives they wanted and believed they deserved. And no character on the show embodied that more than Maxine. She didn’t have men in her life because she needed them, she had them because she wanted them. Maxine always spoke her mind and had no shame in her game. When it came to sex, she did not come to play… well, only a little bit.😉 Maxine oozed sexuality, gave us a sultry character that openly embraced her pleasure principles, and will forever be the OG of sex-positive TV.

If Living Single gave us the blueprint for sex-positivity, along with a great theme song, Girlfriends assembled the building. All the women on Girlfriends were gettin’ it in, and gettin’ it good. Without shame, they presented a world of sex and relationships focused on the pleasure of and satisfaction of Black women. And like Living Single, one character, was always doing and giving us the most. Lynn’s sexual freedom—from her play with sex toys to her sexual fluidity—presented a Black woman with few if any taboos around sex. While all the women on the show provided a nuanced view into the world of Black women’s sexual relationships, Lynn gave us a stigma-free look into sex and sexuality that made it a little bit easier to accept our own kinks as part of a healthy sex life.

For a more modern take on relationships, jump into Insecure for the first or second time. No matter how many times you watch the show, you’ll enjoy Issa and her sistas keepin’ it real about life—especially love, relationships, and sex. But unlike other shows, Insecure is unique in that it shows us love and sex in all its glorious messiness. We get the make-up sex that comes out of an argument, the awkwardness from a first hook-up, and the excitement of new relationship sex. Insecure comes in a package that includes body positivity and pushing against heterosexual, monogamous norms all wrapped up in some beautiful black Queens. That’s why Kelly ends up being our fav. She is the curvacious, Upspoken sister-friend that everyone needs in their life—comfortable in her body, not afraid to express all of her sexual self, doing it for the culture, and always telling us like it is.