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How to Maintain a Healthy Friendship


Friendships are an essential part of our inner circle, they provide support, laughter, comfort and honesty. The intimacy and emotional bonds we have within our friendships are unique, each friendship you have is a puzzle piece that can complete who you are. But what happens when you lose that one piece in the middle or a piece becomes faded, the picture the puzzle has created is no longer complete.

This same thing happens in our friendships, we lose contact, rarely speak or even spend quality time with one another. Just as with any other relationship, good friendships don’t come without maintenance, accountability and intentionality. Being caught up in our busy schedules and woes of life can sometimes cause our friendships to be pushed to the sideline. These are a few tips I use to be more intentional with how I treat my friendships. 

1. Communicate Regularly

One of the most important aspects of a healthy friendship is regular communication. Communication forms could be call, text or FaceTime, these conversations don’t have to be long but serve as a way to sustain your bond. This can vary from friendship to friendship, once a week or every other week. 

2. Plan Dates

Making time for each other is essential in maintaining a friendship. Whether it’s a girls night at your house, coffee date or going on a hot girl walk, find the time to spend that one on one time with each other. Just as you would schedule or plan for any other obligation, make your friendships just as important.

3. Show Appreciation

Showing your appreciation in thoughtful gestures has a big impact on how you make your friend feel. Small simple gestures show that you are thinking of the other person and value the friendship. You can also show your appreciation by complimenting them, supporting them on their life endeavors or expressing your gratitude.

4. Being Honest & Open

Honesty is essential in all solid relationships. When you have honesty in your friendship, it’s easier to navigate misunderstandings or issues that come up in friendship. Being honest and open can help you be genuine, it is often difficult to be yourself around someone you can’t trust. When you are dishonest and closed off it changes the dynamics of the friendship and weakens the bond. Honesty also includes having hard conversations, being a good friend doesn’t equal being an always-answering-yes person. The healthiest friendships are those that can hold each accountable in love without fear of someone being upset.

5. Praying for One Another

Prayer is an aspect of friendship that can be done on your own time or with one another. There are things that your friend may not share in full detail, but you can use that information to pray on their behalf.