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Sex Culture

Sex-Positive Podcasts You Should Be Tuning Into


Once upon a time, the mere thought of carrying on candid conversations about sex was deemed “fast” or “unladylike.” Any inkling of dirty talk was met with immediate backlash, silencing an important and very stimulating (all puns included) narrative. Luckily, within the past few years, the tides have changed. Women are ready to unapologetically create a dialogue set to inform, spread awareness and activate our inner sexual goddess.

Salt N Pepa would be so proud.


We’ve assembled a list of sex-positive podcasts we simply can’t get enough of. From the provocative to the educational, this collection of audial sex experts aims to flip the script on all things carnal. Antiquated ideologies are out the window. Taboo conversations are tackled head on. If podcasting is the way of the future, these programs are light years ahead.

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  • Baltimore native and Haitian representer Vanessa Geffrard is a woman who is really doing the work. Her podcast has been featured in countless publications and has even garnered her sporadic visits on Good Morning Washington. Vagesteem comes from the belief that “if women have confidence in their bodies, they’re more likely to care for them, love them, and bring them pleasure.” It’s something that Geffrard says is really her life’s work. That passion can definitely be heard throughout each episode as she talks about her “favorite things” – sex, sexual health, and women.

Dating in NYC

  • With a blunt tongue adorned in a velvety Harlem accent, Jourdan Ash takes sex talk to another level. Each week includes a gang of colorful guests addressing topics like polyamory, body image and digital dating. Ash also shares her own personal testimonies that are sure to entertain and enlighten. As if that wasn’t enough, Ash has already been regarded as a millennial Carrie Bradshaw by VOGUE Magazine. Major much?

3 The Hard Way

  • 3 the Hard Way is the intersection of black pop culture and raw-but-relatable commentary on all things love. Sincere, Fave and Jay Reed sprinkle in their own personal experiences to really make you feel like a member of their squad, leaving no table unturned and no edge unsnatched.

Down for Whatever

  • Myisha Battle is a gem if we’ve ever heard one. A feminist and scholar, Battle uses her experience in the field of sexual studies and public health to conduct thought-provoking and often comedic interviews. She proudly proclaims that “is the work I was meant to do.” A few episodes in and you’ll realize that she’s speaking the gospel truth.