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Welcome to Upspoken


Black women are influencers who build social movements, lead conversations and start trends that reach far beyond our community. (There’s even a report that proves it, not that we need the proof.) Today, more than ever, we celebrate who we are by telling our stories on our own terms. Yet, we continue to face a world that time and time again tries to dim our brightness and silence our voices, especially when it comes to our sexuality.

As Black women, we’re consistently presented with false choices that attempt to define who we are. Strong woman or people-pleaser. Angry or sassy. Wifey-material or casual hookup. Hyper-sexual or asexual. These false choices create ugly and harmful stereotypes such that when Black women even dare talk about sex in joyful, humorous, and honest terms we’re told that we should be ashamed of ourselves. But shame and sex don’t belong together. And it’s time we say NO to the false choices that force us to live in a black and white world, and instead live our truth in full color.

It’s time we see and celebrate Black women standing together as a community of empowered individuals who unapologetically and boldly take up space. A community of women who refuse to have our sexuality defined for us. A community of women who aren’t afraid to speak up for what we need and for what we want in our lives. A community of women whose strength grows when we celebrate each other, speak our truths and put forward our needs as a priority.

With that, we welcome you to Upspoken—a place where Black women can come together with our varied and common perspectives, experiences, strengths, vulnerabilities and successes in an effort to embrace and prioritize our needs when it comes to love, sex and our relationships. A place where we can build community, grow power, amplify our voices and leverage our collective strength. A place where we can swap stories, connect, and learn from each other. A place that is for us, by us.

So…Come on in, kick up your feet (like you aren’t in your mama’s front room) and share all the things you would never share in mixed company, because this space is yours.

We’re glad you’re here and can’t wait to hear just how Upspoken you can be.