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Secure the Bag: Safe Practices for Unexpected Overnights


As Upspoken women, we love to be prepared, especially when it concerns the bedroom. You never know where the night will take you. Maybe you’re really feeling the vibes with your man that night and Lawd knows you aren’t trying to be stuck at an apartment that’s not yours without securing the bag first. So, when going out, whether for a girls night or first date, there are some essentials that we never leave the house without. Here’s what’s in our bag for those unexpected overnights.


Safety first, sis! Don’t let a lack of protection get in the way of your unexpected overnight. Refresh your stash often, condoms can expire or get dry and brittle, which makes them ineffective. It’s best to store them in a tiny tin (like an Altoid or a jewelry box) to keep them discreet and protected. For all the condom tips check out our Guide to Condoms You Never Knew You Needed.


Lube is often neglected when it can be our best friend in the bedroom. Lube helps when things get dry down there and can prevent tearing (any bleeding during sex can increase your risk of STIs/HIV). While lube doesn’t protect against STIs or pregnancy, it does make condoms more effective and less likely to break. Need help figuring out which lube is right for you? Upspoken has you covered.

Unscented Baby Wipes

Post-sex care is extremely important and can help those prone to UTIs/yeast infections. Gentle cleansing wipes (no douches or scented products!) can help get rid of any bodily fluids or bacteria that may linger after sex. These can also double as face wipes and you know we can’t be falling asleep with a full face of makeup on or waking up with raccoon eyes. Keep that melanin poppin’.

Portable Charger

Phones are for more than refreshing your social media. They help connect us and can provide security, which is why always having a charge is crucial. Going somewhere unexpected and new? Share your location with a family member or close friend. Also, keeping your phone charged to call a Lyft home can make your morning stress-free.

Did we miss something you always keep in your bag for an unexpected night out? Tell us what’s in yours in the comments below!