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Upspoken did something


We created a space where Black women could come together to freely and unapologetically share our stories and embrace each other’s experiences.

We started with a simple idea: let women speak their minds and share how they navigate this world that often can keep us quiet and ashamed of our beautiful melanin. This was our time and space to be bold, be authentic, be unashamed, and be Upspoken.

More than

300 women…

More than

300 women

Created a community at our two live events this spring in the Bay Area and Los Angeles.

Our beautiful cast of all shades, ages, and orientations put on a wonderful show that used the power of art as an entry point into what it means to be an Upspoken woman. With help from our audience of empowered Black women, they told the stories we all know too well.

“What does being Upspoken mean to you?”

Stories of discovering for the first time we were Black. Stories of being told to hide our bodies (and beautiful curves) because we should be ashamed. Stories of losing ourselves and finding ourselves in love.  And even the hard things our community just doesn’t like to talk about—like sex.

We asked the women that came to this space “What does being Upspoken mean to you?” And this is what we heard…

“What does being Upspoken mean to you?”

we felt the vibes
in the room and

it was beautiful.

By the end of the night, empowered Black women had danced together to celebrate their bodies. We meditated because as much as we take care of others, we must first care for ourselves. We shed tears when we shared our deepest vulnerabilities and turned them into a beautiful poem that lifted us up in sisterhood.

The events in the Bay Area and in Los Angeles were powerful experiences but it won’t end there. Upspoken is here to be the place where you can share your stories with no judgment. Together, we can empower each other in relationships, love and sex to be Upspoken.

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