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How Lauren Ash and Millana Snow Stay Rooted and Real


We can all use some advice on how to be kind to ourselves when things get crazy, so we tuned in to watch Lauren Ash and Millana Snow dish out some wisdom about self-care on the third episode of “Girls Talk Real.” Both Lauren and Millana are #BossLadies — Lauren is the founder of holistic wellness company Black Girl in Om and Millana is the founder of online wellness marketplace Wellness Official.

(Source: OKREAL)

Watch Lauren & Millana

Lauren and Millana describe finding balance and intention amidst demanding jobs as Black women entrepreneurs. They discuss seeking authenticity in their careers, the dangerous trap of “labors of love” and how they put themselves first when their job is to heal others.

Lauren shared her struggle to enact self-care in her own life: “Even though I was sharing self love for other people, was I still giving myself that same level of attention and care?” She reminds us that it’s easy to lose sight of our own needs when we are wrapped up in making sure others feel loved and fulfilled. She practices self love by choosing to set purposeful intentions every day and reminding herself of her value and worthiness.

Millana noted that while she hustles, setting goals can sometimes lead her to cycles of negativity and self-blame. “The word ‘goal’ can become a trap because it’s something that you have to attain, and therefore feels like you are missing something.” She remains positive and fulfilled in life by choosing to love herself regardless of meeting certain goals.

We love Lauren and Millana because they remind us that success doesn’t just mean ticking off boxes. It means loving ourselves, imperfections and all. 💜